Outdoor Patio

Private Outdoor Patios

Are you looking for somewhere that you can relax in comfort and be outdoors on your travels? After riding in your car, truck, or RV for hours on end, do you want a better way to relax while still sitting outside? Here at our truck stop, we’ve got the solution. Private outdoor patios. They’re exactly what they sound like. Here, you can get situated with one of our outdoor patios that are entirely private. That way, you can relax and so much more as you wait to start the next leg of your journey.

Private Means Private

It’s important to note that. Too many other places, when they say that one thing is “private,” what they usually mean is “not too many people will be around all that much.” However, that’s not the case here. Our private outdoor patios are as we describe them: private. You will be secluded, not having to worry about folks bursting in on you, a bunch of noise nearby, anything like that. Instead, you’ll be on your own private patio, resting, relaxing, and kicking back.

While these are “private,” that does not mean that they’re “shut off from the world.” Indeed, while you’re on these patios, you’ll be able to take advantage of our wifi. That way, you’ll still be connected to everything while you’re relaxing on the patio. With this, you can still check your email, go online, update and browse the old social media feeds or… you can not do that, too. The time and the patio are yours while you’re here. You’re in charge, doing what you see fit.

Outdoor Means Outdoor

We know that, for the most part, when you come to our truck stop, you’re tired of being inside. Even if you have the windows open and/or the top town, being in a car or truck is still being in a car or truck. Those are just more reasons that we offer our outdoor private patios. When you’re here, you can be outside comfortably and in a private fashion.

Moreover, these are really “outside” too. Too many other places, if they offer something that they say is outside, all that means is that it maybe has a canopy or something, but, for the most part, it’s so enclosed or small as to still basically feel like you’re “inside,” no matter how much it assures you that you’re outside. Our patios aren’t like that. When you’re here, you’re outside, so that you can enjoy everything the area has to offer.

Great Climate Year-Round

One of the best parts of our patios, of course, is the view. When you’re on these patios, you’ll be able to take it all in. You can see the gorgeous views of the surrounding area. You can take it all in, while you sit back and relax for a while on our patios. Indeed, we’ve made it so that you can stay here for a decent amount of time, too. That way, you can relax, reset, and get ready for the next leg of your journey on your terms.

By that same token, not sure if you’ve noticed this yet with the area, but the weather here is nice, too. You can partake in all of that while you’re here as well. So many folks use our patios when they’re traveling during the summer. That way, you can bask in the summer sun during the mornings and afternoons. Or, alternatively, you can sit outside in the warm night under the stars on our patios. IT’s up to you.

More Than a Truck Stop

Yes, this is a truck stop but, really, in the end, it’s more than that, too. This is a place where you can have a full day, to truly get your journey back on track (or off to a good start). Consider all that you can do here:

You can arrive and, first thing, comfortably park your vehicle. You could choose to get gas if need be, or wait for a while. From the moment you park, you can take advantage of our free wifi, so as to stay connected to the world.

Our store has all of the food and accessories that you might need for the betterment of your journey. If you want more food than that, of course, our full American Mexican restaurant is great for the whole family. By that same token, they can use the wifi while you do your laundry or even take a shower. If you fill up your tank all the way, you can play our spin the wheel game, so that you can win great prizes for the road ahead.

The above are just some of what our truck stop has to offer you and yours. Come by and see why so many plan their journeys around us.